“As the eyes are windows to the soul, language provides insight and depth to our understanding of another culture.


In fact, knowledge of another language enhances understanding of our own language, and generally it strengthens our ability to communicate more effectively in both.” 


David S. Black, former executive director, French Institute, New York City




Magyar és francia nyelvórák (HUNGARIAN & FRENCH CLASSES)



Are you a regular visitor to Hungary? Are you staying long-term for work or school? Are you living in Budapest?


Welcome! Have fun and enjoy your stay! Learn some Hungarian while you are here! It’s not as difficult as it may first seem!


Or maybe you would like to study Hungarian or French online from any part of the world.


Then you are at the right place at the right time.




Welcome to FRANCIABOG! Welcome to the magical world of the Hungarian and French language!


Don't go for cheap, go for professional!


Experienced and patient, English-, French- and Italian-speaking teacher offering communication-focused HUNGARIAN and FRENCH LESSONS for individuals or corporate clients.



  • One-on-one classes


  • Online lessons via Skype


  • Small group classes for friends, colleagues or family


  • Intensive courses


  • Corporate classes, both on-site and off-site


  • ‘Walk the city' classes


  • All levels




Learn Hungarian and French easily!



  • Have you just arrived in Hungary and you feel like Alice in Wonderland? Are you having a hard time picking up words and phrases?  


  • Would you like to learn with a native speaker who speaks fluent English?


  • Are you an absolute beginner or do you need someone to help you make better use of your already existing knowledge?


  • Do you need a 'beginner vocabulary' for basic functional communication?


  • Are you tired and frustrated of attending language courses where the teachers couldn't explain in English?


  • Would you like to communicate with ease? Do you want to 'think' in Hungarian or in French rather than ‘translating’ in your mind?


  • Would you like to improve your communication skills, learn useful everyday vocabulary, and make your grammar and spelling more precise?


  • Would you like to speak correctly, with a clear pronunciation and meaningful words?


  • Do you want to see the language in its complexity and understand the structure along with the way of thinking?


  • Do you need special vocabulary using your work jargon? Or, would you like to learn some slang?


  • Do you want to learn the appropriate formal and informal styles and switch easily between them?


  • Are you interested in a Hungarian or French language course for your employees?


  • Are you a university student in Budapest and want to understand what your Hungarian classmates are saying?


  • Are your children going to school in Budapest and you need useful, efficient, practical language coaching?


  • Do you want to successfully take a language exam (beginner, intermediate or advanced) either in Hungarian or in French?


  • Would you like to learn in a creative, open state of mind through the use of various learning materials and approaches?


  • Would you like to to experience that learning a new language is a joyful and inspirational process rather than one of struggle and suffering? 


  • Do you want to learn more about Hungarian life and culture? Would you like to walk the city while learning its language?


  • Do you want to speed up your progress a bit? Do you want to be efficient and successful in your learning?



Then look no further…




Learn Hungarian or French with a teacher fluent in English.


The lessons are held by a professional, experienced teacher in a very friendly and familiar atmosphere in the center of Budapest.



I am Boglarka Boroczffy-Farkas. I am a qualified teacher with over 10 years of teaching and language coaching experience. My past students have ranged from expatriate professionals to NGO personnel to students, from children to senior citizens. I am flexible in terms of teaching methods and learning objectives, so whether you want to speak Hungarian/French fluently for professional reasons or you just want some everyday ‘survival’ Hungarian to help when you go shopping or to the restaurant, then I could be the teacher you are looking for.


Before any course begins I always establish your needs and develop a personalized teaching course that suits you. Depending on your comfort zone and level, I can teach either through Hungarian or French (direct method) or through English thus ensuring that you fully understand what you are learning and, more importantly, that you feel comfortable. During the classes we may use video and audio recordings, text, worksheets, thematic exercises, handouts – all of them corresponding to your personality, work, interests, and lifestyle. We choose life-like situations and themes based on your preferences.


The focus is on you, your progress, and success during the learning process. The valuable knowledge I have gained through my teaching experience and a sense of creative freedom is what I aim to share with my students. My goal in teaching is to lead my students to become more aware of their individual possibilities and free themselves from any perceived limitations.



After all, learning a language is a playful and joyous activity.


Understanding Hungarian or French is fun! Needless to say, speaking MAGYAR or FRANCAIS is even more fun!




For individuals: For further information and enquiries please contact FRANCIABOG.


For corporations and businesses: FRANCIABOG provides a variety of program options directly through corporations who choose to provide their employees with this benefit. Have your HR Department contact FRANCIABOG today for options and a price quote.